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Obama Choice Of Panetta At CIA Gaining Support

Obama Choice Of Panetta At CIA Gaining Support

Panetta: Killing Soleimani "Wasn't Debated" During My Time At CIA, ... risk of war," former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in an interview ... The Obama Administration" ... McSally Didn't Earn Senate Seat Held By My Father ... Tom Bevan: Support/Opposition To Impeachment Remains Relatively 50/50.. Leon Edward Panetta (born June 28, 1938) is an American politician who has served in several ... As director of the CIA, Panetta oversaw the operation that brought down international terrorist Osama bin Laden. ... enforcement to move slowly in keeping with his strategy to gain political support among Southern whites.. Survey: Do you support building a new Norwalk High School? ... In a major national security reshuffle, President Barack Obama is sending CIA Director ... Panetta has also won praise within the CIA by famously winning a showdown at the ... The president is expecting choices of how many troops, how fast, and with what.... President Obama came to office vowing to end America's foreign ... E. Panetta and Chuck Hagel accused the Obama White House of micromanaging the military. ... and nearby CIA base in Benghazi, in eastern Libya, in September 2012, ... Their mission is to support a weak central government that is still.... That Rhodes engaged in a no-holds-barred campaign to win support for the deal is not news. ... over the actual policy choices that his administration was making. ... in Iran and the assessment of former CIA director Leon Panetta that his ... useful to the Obama administration in gaining support for the deal.. The choice of Leon E. Panetta, a former White House chief of staff, to head ... foreign policy and budget experience he gained under President Bill Clinton. ... Some Democrats expressed strong support for the choice, with Harry Reid ... said Mr. Panetta's gravitas and ties to Mr. Obama would give the C.I.A. a.... Getting to Know the President. 195 ... be in position immediately to support the president- and vice pres- ... week to 10 days, Rahm Emanuel, Obama's choice for his chief of staff, ... Dennis Blair and CIA Director Leon Panetta in early January.. The Obama team's second process error, howeverfailing to consult Diane Feinstein, the incoming chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.... Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, a longtime ... The Obama transition team's long delay in selecting new CIA and national ... Blair also is a China expert, and he was an associate director for military support at the CIA. ... is launching a nationwide probe into how marketers may be getting seniors'.... David Petraeus, is Obama's choice to replace Panetta at the CIA. ... the U.S.-Pakistan civil alliance during the Afghan jihad gained a popular ... the Libyan Transitional National Council to support efforts to protect civilians and.... Analysts tailor findings for personal or professional gain. ... Bureaucracies tailor intelligence findings to support their own interests. ... Similarly, General Petraeus's selection to replace Leon Panetta as head of the CIA beginning in the summer.... Former CIA officer Ishmael Jones stated that Panetta was a wise choice, because of his ... Panetta supported the Obama administration's campaign of U.S. drone strikes in ... In addition to introducing legislation and winning passage of ocean.... Some Democrats expressed strong support for the choice. ... and the foreign policy and budget experience he gained under President Bill Clinton. ... The choice of Panetta, coming nearly two weeks after Obama had otherwise.... The Line Between The Pentagon And The CIA Is Getting Pretty Blurry ... That Obama is expected to announce today CIA Director Leon Panetta as his choice to ... The CIA has become central to the Obama administration's approach to ... likely to have wide support in Congress, indicate that Obama intends.... "But at the end of the day, the president told Leon, 'You're getting everything you ... To many career spooks, the flowering of the Obama-Panetta ... In recent months, Obama has also disappointed many of his fans with his tepid support of ... of Pakistan and Yemen where taking prisoners was not an option.. Obama picked Leon Panetta, a former chief of staff under Clinton, to run the CIA. ... Mr. Panetta, 70 years old, will help decide how to handle politically sensitive ... Mr. Panetta's selection earned praise from other corners of the Democratic Party. ... Mr. Panetta's backers said he gained ample intelligence and.... Leon Panetta, chief of staff in President Bill Clinton's White House, will be President-elect Barack Obama's choice to be CIA director, two Democratic officials ... He was the CIA's first associate director of military support and served on the National Security Council. ... Sit tight, we're getting to the good stuff.. Daniel J. Jones, former Senate investigator on the CIA torture ... Reporter: Just to be clear, it sure sounds like you support impeaching the ... Leon Panetta does what I think any director would do. ... So not only changing, you know, one prime minister and getting another one from the same small selection of.... President-elect Barack Obama's unofficial choice of Leon Panetta to lead the ... it is clear that Panetta would have strong White House support.. Obama's choice of Leon Panetta for CIA director splits Democrats ... In support of my contention in an earlier post, I offer this evidence - for once it is literally that: ... As these just-getting-started weeks have gone by, I guess all of us who pin our...


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